1/32" White Double Coated Polyethylene Foam with Acrylic Adhesive

Part Name: Double Coated Polyethylene Foam Tape
Part Number: CO4285-3
Adhesive Type: Acrylic
Substrate Thickness: 31 mil
Peel Adhesion: 63.5 oz/inch width
Tensile Strength: 2.2 psi
Liner Construction: 60# Caledered Kraft Paper
Color: White

White Double Coated Polyethylene foam is a high performance, closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam coated on both sides with a high performance, solvent based acrylic adhesive. It is designed for window glazing, and is AAMA certified, tested, and approved. The adhesive system is formulated to bond with glass, wood, and aluminum substrates with quick stick, high peel adhesion and very good shear strength. Outstanding resistance to weather makes it the ideal choice for outdoor applications. Superior seal against dust and moisture is assured with construction of flexible, soft foam. It has an easy peel poly release liner for continuous & complete liner removal during window glazing applications. Other uses for this tape include mounting of emblems, nameplates, plastic strips, and mirrors.

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